Aluminum Metal Recyling.


Understanding that economic and geopolitical forces directly affect energy supply, focusing on energy efficiency (in terms of process and aluminum recovery) is the biggest opportunity today to address cost pressures while, help create a more sustainable energy future, efficient and focused on processes with low carbon footprint generation.

Energy efficiency can deliver results that address both the energy crisis and the climate crisis by helping our customers reduce energy consumption, which lowers production costs, lowers emissions and makes them more competitive. Advances in technologies coupled with new tools and better use of data and analytics (such as IOT and 4.0) are delivering energy cost savings that were not possible a decade ago.

This is why we have developed, together with our partners, high energy efficiency equipment, scrap treatment systems and energy recovery systems that can be used either to reduce the energy costs of the processes by reusing the energy created in the same or either by heating our customers buildings, giving relief to their bills during the winter seasons and proposing a circular economy approach where all the products and by-products involved in the aluminum transformation process are used.