Aluminum Recycling System



The Loading System  pushes the material inside the drying cylinder with a continuous movement.

Opposite the movement of the material in the cylinder, flows combustion gas from an “Energy chamber” with controlled oxygen value.

The thermic energy of the combustion gas running inside the cylinder, removes organic products and water present in the material by means of pyrolysis and evaporation process.

At the exit of the cylinder the dried material is discharged through special discharge cells that prevent the environmental air to enter the cylinder.

The material discharged is transported  on conveyor belt and then into melting furnace with temperature around  356-392°F  and  around 0.05% of moisture .   

Directly adding this hot material into the melting furnace gives an additional energy cost savings.



  • Reduce dross generation.
  • No smoke during melting operation.
  • No flame during melting operation.
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas (Emissions Reduces the environmental footprint).
  • Improve aluminum recoveries significantly.
  • Low system maintenance cost.
  • Predisposition to entry combustion gas deriving from melting furnace to reduce sensitively the energetic costs. (optional).
  • Compatible with energy recovery systems that allow to take advantage of the fumes reusing them for water heating, building heating and other uses.
  • Less than 0.05% moisture after drying/decoating process.
  • Using with SIB special  drying technology permits to delete both the deflagration danger (caused by the H2O content) and the dross production.





  • Loading System.
  • Loading Chamber.
  • Rotating Cylinder.
  • Unloading Chamber.
  • Energy Chamber.
  • Energy Recovering System.
  • After Burner System.
  • Control of Atmosphere system, Oxygen – Temperature – Pressure.