The Multiple Chamber Furnace is a very versatile piece of equipment that can melt various types of material with various melting efficiency points. Among the characteristics of these furnaces are: Melting contaminated or iron-containing materials, melting bulky and clean materials, such as the extrusion of bales in its main chamber (allows the use of regenerative or recuperative burners, achieving greater energy efficiency), Its versatility allows having a vortex pump to improve the homogenization of the alloys and have a high melting efficiency in raw materials such as shavings and light raw material. The low values of energy consumption and the low emissions of this new melting furnace will reduce the ecological footprint.



The Hot chamber is designed for melt a CLEAN Scraps .
The Hot Chamber is equipped with Regenerative Burner with very high melting efficiency Avg 1000 Btu/lb or 600Kwh/ton.
The Hot and Cold chamber are connected in the bottom side in order to recirculate the liquid metal, system that allows homogenization on the alloying process.


The Cold chamber is designed for melt a Dirty/Irony Scraps.
The Cold Chamber is equipped with an After Burner System that thermo-delate all the VOC deriving from the contaminated scraps, the VOC burns in the After Burner are under control of temperature and oxygen level that process the created energy (organics) that will be reused to pre-heat the contaminated scraps in the cold chamber.

The Cold Chamber is equipped with auto-recuperative Burners system that work with preheated combustive air, up to 850oF (450°C), deriving from the energy recuperation system installed as follow the after burner.